Bonded Hair Extensions

We offer the following services.

Free consultation

I offer a free no obligation consultation where I will explain everything that is involved in fitting and maintaining hair extensions. This also includes aftercare instructions and I can answer any questions you may have. I examine your hair colour, texture, and length before matching it with a product that will give you perfectly natural looking hair.


I use 100% top quality human hair which has been chemically treated by professionals to ensure its in top condition. The hair is healthy, silky, shiny and very durable. I use all grades of remy hair which are cuticle correct including the highest quality Chinese and Indian remy hair and Russian and European remy hair which all the top celebrities are all now wearing.

I use keratin based glue which is a natural protein and will not damage your hair. It is kind to your hair and very easy to remove unlike lots of other types of glue which tend to be silicone based.

I specialise in pre-bonded and strand by strand method and Microloops. You can expect your hair extensions to last up to 3-4 months if cared for correctly.

The actual application process usually takes approximately 4-6 hours depending on your individual needs.


Removal of extensions for a full head £Please Call.


It is strongly advised that you have a maintenance appointment halfway during your extension period around 4-7 weeks. This will allow us to take a look at your hair to see how you are getting along with your extensions and to remove and replace any loosened bonds to ensure that you can keep your extensions in for longer. If you don’t come in for maintenance, we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to your hair, as it is your responsibility to look after them properly using our aftercare guide for advice. It is possible for you to re-use your hair and have a full fitting again at a reduced price.